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KNITTING CIRCLE // New York City Yarn Crawl Starts Now

Purl SoHoAh, fall time; when you peep leaves, carve pumpkins, and break your sweaters out of the back of your closet. Or, if you're a knitter or crocheter, start making an impossible number of new sweaters (or scarves, or hats, or socks). The New York City Yarn Crawl and the independent yarn-sellers of our fair city want to help make sure you have all you need to plan projects you may or may not ever finish. 

Today through Sunday, you'll get one raffle ticket for each participating store visited--Brooklyn General Store, Purl SoHo, Knitaway, and Downtown Yarns, to name a few. Raffle prizes are, naturally, big old baskets of yarn--the good stuff--plus needles and pattern books. Some stores will offer their own promotions and giveaways, and there's also a yarn crawl scavenger hunt for the particularly adventuresome.

A new feature this year (the event's third) is that there are designated meet-up spots where you can eat, drink, and be merry with other knitters. If you're new to the knitting world, this is the best way possible to pick up some tips and tricks. The fashion folks had their Night Out to mix and mingle, so now it's the knitters' and crocheters' time to shine--and if you don't know the difference, take the opportunity to ask someone! Let's face it, it's Friday, you just got paid, time to go out and get some yarn.

--Layla Schlack