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Congratulations to our Open Call Winners! 


Graphic, gritty, with a lingering beauty that digs under your skin. Our 3rd Ward Open Call judges were awestruck by the socially-engaged work of Maurice Mbikayi, whose mixed media works combine history, technology and identity with a rare intelligence and wit.

Based in Cape Town, Mbikaya draws his inspiration from provocative socio-political boundaries. The result is an eclectic body of work consisting of paper, large-scale installations and site-specific performances. His work has been critically acclaimed by the art community in South Africa, and now Mbiyaki will bring his exhilarating vision to 3rd Ward.

CLICK HERE to see Mbiyaki's full portfolio and stay tuned for news on Mbiyaki’s 3rd Ward residency and solo gallery show, which will incorporate installation and performance specifically created for 3rd Ward.

Early Entry Deadline Winner: Mark Ingham 

Also, congratulations to Early Entry Deadline Winner, Mark Ingham, whose ambitious video installation caught the eye of our judging panel with its inventive use of homemade projectors and audience participation.

... And Our Top 25

 Click on each image to learn more about each artist. And congrats to everyone!     

Angela Zammarelli

Aranzazu Gayosso

Bruno Martelli

Catherine Lane

Cheryl Willruinyourlife

Chris Mckee

Dana Haim

Esther Ruiz

Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge

Heechan Kim

Hyemmi Cho

Ilaria Ortensi

Karen Asher

Leah Tacha

Maria TnT

Melanie Loew

Rosa Chang

Sara Le Roy

Sara Zin

Stephanie Liner

Suzanne Sattler
Virginia Echeverria

Willem Besselink

Yasuaki Onishi

Zoe Williams