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Photography Studios

Capture your vision in one of our beautiful and spacious studios. Perfect for photographing fashion, beauty, products, and more; Music Videos and Filming with small sets/green screens. Click here to see current photography class offerings.

Featuring CYC walls, blackout curtains, natural light, exposed brick, clothing racks, steamers. Equipment rentals available through CSI Rentals with free dropoff and pickup. Private storage available for an additional fee.


Studio Dimensions: 
Studio A
Studio B
Studio C

Studio Hours:
9 am-Midnight, Monday to Friday
10 am-Midnight, Saturday & Sunday

Make a Booking
After carefully reading the booking policies (below) just call 718.715.4961. All bookings are followed by an email confirmation.


Studio reservations are exclusive to Pro Members


Booking Policies

2 Hours is the minimum booking amount
CYC painting is available upon request for $25; 24-hour notice prior to the start of your shoot is required

Pro Members
Can make up to one booking per day
Bookings can be made 7 days in advance or less
Bookings made more than 7 days in advance will be charged a $25 advance booking fee
8 Hours is the maximum booking amount; additional hours are $25/hour
Cancellations made with less than 24-hour notice prior to the start of your shoot will be charged $25
No-Call, No-Shows will be charged $100 fee