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Metal Shop

Build, weld and machine with our factory-grade equipment. Perfect for fabricators, furniture designers, and sculptors. Dedicated storage available for an additional fee. Note: A safety course is required in order to get started in the shop.

How It Works

Prior to using our shop, all Pro Members must have an Orientation with our Shop Manager to go over basic safety training. Are you a member in need of a Shop Orientation? Click Here to schedule your orientation today!

Once approved, Pr Members may access our shop at the rates listed below. Not a member yet? Take a tour today!



Partial List:
3 MIG Welders
TIG Welder
Arc Welder
Oxy-Acetylene Torch
Bridgeport Mill
South Bend lathe
Jump Shear
Hand Brake
Sand Blaster
Abrasive Cut-Off Saw
2 Drill Presses
Pipe Bender
Floor Bender
Plasma Cutter
Bench Grinder
Horizontal Band Saw
Floor Vise
Disc Sander
Spray Booth
Air Compressor 


Usage of the Metal Shop is included with the Pro Membership.