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Coworking Space 

At 3rd Ward, we believe our space is one of the most inspired and stimulating the city has to offer.   Come work alongside our community of Free Thinkers, including freelancers, off-site employees, startups, and independent professionals in tech, design, entrepreneurship and more.

It’s not easy finding affordable workspace in NYC. We have shared desk space for an affordable price of $149/month. Lots of sunlight and amazing projects abound, not to mention the loads of discounts on classes and lectures you get with membership. We take pride in the work that’s getting done here, and we want you to come get productive with us! 

  • Take a Tour : Come hang out with us! Book a tour here: and see our space for yourself.
  • FREE Coworking : After your tour, we want you to try it out. You get ONE FREE DAY of coworking! 

Learn more benefits on our What is Coworking page.

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What We've Got:

  • Stimulating Creative Work Environment
  • Unlimited Conference Room Bookings
  • Super fast WiFi
  • Free document printing and scanning
  • Fully-loaded iMac Design Workstations (3.06ghz Core 2 Duo, 4GB DDR3 RAM)
  • Friendly front desk reception services
  • Mail handling and business address
  • Surround yourself with the most diverse creative population in NYC

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