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Pattern Makers // Graffiti + Jenny

Our new Education Assistant, Jenny, rocks this pretty emerald and pink vintage number. We noticed on our walk to work that she looks mighty similar to one of the walls on Meadow St.



Soundscapes + Glitches: Interview w/ Artist Phillip Stearns

Our Art Haus // Rock series is an interview or feature about artists and musicians we love.

Tumblr's pick for Art Takes Times Square // image courtesy of artist

Phillip Stearns is tumblr’s Pick for the Art Takes Times Square contest, hosted by our fam at Artists Wanted. We wanted to catch up with Phillip, who’s also an instructor here at 3rd Ward (he’ll help you make DIY Synthesizers! Audio Amplifiers!)

3W: How did you come up with the name "Pixel Form" ? There's another dude with this as the name of his website. Have you ever thought about collaborating with him?

PS: The name’s falling slowly in disuse. Do you have info on this other guy?

3W sends Phillip a link to a nature photographer’s website.

PS: Well, the reason I'm moving away from it...other people are using it--it's too easy. I use my real name now.

3W: Is there a different mood between your visual and audio work?

PS: My sound based work is more abstract, challenging, intellectual, and the visual art has been influenced by the presentation medium (online and social media), becoming more playful and full of color. My year-long project Year of the Glitch was started with the thought: "I'm gonna do a glitch a day." I chose tumblr because it seemed like the best way to share info. The audio doesn't get as many notes as the visual.


Everybody Loves GIFSPhillip's Glitch Textiles:

Glitch Textiles, courtesy of artist

"It's this perfect conceptual loop--this kitsch momento is being used to visualize corrupted memory. And in the process, it becomes a new memory." 

Check out: Phillip Stearns’ SoundCloud

3W: Tell us about your sound art. 

PS: I come from a background of audio engineering.  By using pure mixer feedback, tones can be intermodulated to create rhythms. Some sounds mimic melodic sequences, some are pure noise. All the pieces I do with this are improvised. My work Anopthalmia is named after a disease, when one is born without eyes. It’s part of a larger collection, Macular Degeneration, which has to do with blindness or loss. These feedback loops create a sonic landscape. It's sort of like Mario Bros. You can never go back. It's a journey, a path, and I'm wandering through.

Optic Vasculature // Artist Unknown

"I'm not visually impaired, but it's on my mind. I've worn glasses since kindergarten."

3W: Has your work ever stumped you? 

PS: I'm often stumped on the technical side of things. The stumping becomes part of the process, and the piece actually changes. The work is so tied to the technology that is producing them. The final piece is somehow different from the original idea, and includes the technology that created it.

3W: How do you include the spectator in your performances?

PS: I'm creating an experience. Some of the work is more involved. If I use stroboscopic lights, [it is] exclusive in that epileptics cannot participate. For those who can experience the work, it's going to be unique to the individual, because everyone's central nervous system is operating at a different speed.

"It's not a question of interactivity it's a question of immersion."

3W: What's a guilty pleasure?

PS: Whiskey comes up first. Specifically, scotch. Does that sound pretentious?

3W: No, we can relate! 

PS:  And dark chocolate.

3W: Who is your favorite composer/musician?

PS: I wanna give a shout out to all my friends. Phil White, Pete Edwards (Casper Electronics). I just did a residency with the two of them. I've found them to be incredibly influential figures. Tristan Perich. Richard Garet. Jeff Donaldson!!!!

3W: What are you listening to right now?

PS: This English artist, Clark.  Let me see if can play a tune over the phone.

PS plays it over the phone, we love it!

PS:  It’s like when you have time to meditate in the city: mental stimulation, spiritual serenity.

Sign Up for Circuits Classes with Phillip Stearns:

Audio Amplifiers 
DIY Synthesizers

Intro to Circuits w/ Daniel Fishkin

Phillip Stearns' studio is based in Bushwick, and hails from the birthplace of SXSW. After veering off the engineering and physics path to pursue music technology at the University of Colorado, Denver, Phillip earned his Master’s at Cal Arts in music.


Epicuriosity: Classic Ham + Avocado Sandwich

Hey Y'all!

Eating out all the time can drain the summer fun(ds). Here's a quick and simple idea for a picnic in the park, or if you've got a day job, an easy lunch outside (it's 95 degrees, so don't forget to hydrate!)

image courtesy of

Serves 4

crusty baguette

perfectly ripe avocados

1 dollop of your favorite mustard

1 handful of arugula or parsley

1/2 pound thinly sliced Serrano ham or Mortadelle

1 tablespoons cultured butter

1 pinch of sea salt

2 slices of your favorite cheese. We love Pecorino Romano!


Epicuriosity: Olive + Maple Granola

Our new installment of "Epicuriousity" brings you our yummiest picks from the food blogosphere. We'll drop some recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to get your savory and sweet tooth on!

This morning's recipe is:


courtesy of Nekisia Davis, maker of Early Bird Granola. This particular recipe found its way to our friends at Food52, a community that started with the aim of creating the first crowd-sourced cookbook in 52 weeks (hence the 52 in Food52). 

What they have now is a strong community of contributors and cooks, like Ms. Nekisia Davis.

At Food52, they draw up imaginative cookbooks, tackle the latest debates in the world of food, provide insight and commentary to help other folks.

So, if you've got a craving for a hearty breakfast, try this:

Makes about 7 cups

3 cups old-fashioned rolled oats

1 cup raw pumpkin seeds, hulled

1 cup raw sunflower seeds, hulled

1 cup unsweetened coconut chips

1 1/4 cup raw pecans, left whole or coarsely chopped

3/4 cup pure maple syrup

1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil

1/2 cup packed light-brown sugar

Coarse salt

The Process

Heat oven to 300 degrees.

  1. Place oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut, pecans, syrup, olive oil, sugar, and 1 teaspoon salt in a large bowl and mix until well combined. Spread granola mixture in an even layer on a rimmed baking sheet. Transfer to oven and bake, stirring every 10-15 minutes, until granola is toasted, about 45 minutes.

  2.  Remove granola from oven and season with more salt to taste. Let cool completely before serving or storing in an airtight container for up to 1 month.


Follow the Early Bird -- Founder Nekisia Davis on Twitter.

Each bag of granola purchased helps the anti-bullying LGBTQ Organization, GLSEN!


Image courtesy of Early Bird Granola


Check you in a few for today's lunch special!



3rd Ward



Sweet Homes, Small Pockets: DIY For Your Digs

We love finding the best of DIY on the internets. Our new series, Sweet Homes, Small Pockets features stuff we find that you can make for your home with only a bit of loot and a lot of fun.

Rhi, from one of our fave blogs (a stop for all things pretty) Hey Gorgeous, came up with the DIY DIXIE CUP GARLAND, to add vibe as you light up your backyard, window sill, or BBQ birthday party!

Below are pictoral directions (that are as attractive as the final product itself!) for this simple, fun project. Images courtesy of Check their website for full directions!



3rd Ward Salon: Events // Happenings

Hey Everybody!

PRACTICAL SKILLS 2.0 is a lecture on our current cultural landscape.

TONIGHT // 7:30 to 9:30 pm
195 Morgan Ave


Our speaker tonight, Jake Katz, first made his way in the entertainment industry, at MTV and NBC Universal. He's now working for a YPulse, a youth market research firn. 

Jake will cover exactly what it looks like to apply your experiences in this constantly evolving, non-traditional world, and LAND A JOB. Get an insider's look into how to navigate the traditional professional world - from emailing culture to running a meeting.

Here's a lil' picture. Literally lil'...


Jake Katz

Jake Katz has a passion for decoding pop culture, and at 26, he has already worked with a variety of brands — from Nickelodeon to MTV to NBCUniversal — to help them understand trends in youth culture. He lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and is a proud member of the “Avocado of the Month” club. Read more about Jake's ethos and role as CHIEF ARCHITECT here.

As they say: Carpe Diem! Or, Treat Yo'self! In any case: come, listen, learn. 


3rd Ward


3rd Ward DJ Set : Oldies Edition

Hey Friends,

This new series, called "3rd Ward DJ Set," gives our people a taste of music we love. For those of you familiar with our space, you know you hear tunes wafting down our hallways at all hours of the day. Our staff's eclectic sound sensibilities range from Curtis Mayfield to The Clash, and we wanted to give your our best iTunes picks to quell your Monday blues.

In this week's installment, our staff picks harken back to the golden oldies and early days of R 'n B.

I'd Rather Go Blind, Etta James (Brooke)

Oogum Boogum, Brenton Wood (Brooke)

You and Me, Penny and the Quarters (Mandisa)

Your Love Makes it All Worth While, Martha and the Vandellas (Danit)

You Know How to Make Me Feel So Good, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes (Tanwi)

Today's DJs:

Left to Right: Brooke Smith (Retail Coordinator), Mandisa Wright (Events Coordinator), Tanwi Nandini Islam (Brand Manager), Danit Abaud (Associate)

Photos courtesy of Liz Clayman.


Hey, Weekend! 

Hey Friends,

Festival season is officially here, with our Northside Festival friends kicking off a medley of events. Get your drink on at the Brooklyn Waterfront Craft & Specialty Beer Festival, and venture to other parts of Brooklyn to stay culturally on point.

Our picks for July 15-17:

1. Northside Festival Weekend 

LOCATION: VARIOUS,  all in the radius of Williamsburg and Greenpoint.   A perfect melange of music, art, independent film, & entrepreneurship. This eight-day showcase of work that happens "behind closed doors of rehearsal spaces, studios and makeshift home-offices" is a testament to makers and creators of all persuasions.

TONIGHT // Check the opening of 26 local artists in various locations for NORTHSIDE ART!

Map courtesy of NORTHSIDE ART.

2. Brooklyn Waterfront Summer Craft & Specialty Beer Festival 

LOCATION: N. 11th St. // Brooklyn, NY 11211. Some of the seasonal beers on tap: Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, Hooker’s Watermelon Ale, and Erie Brewing Company’s Derailed Black Cherry Ale. Check more than 90 craft brewers in this most refreshing of festivals..

Image courtesy of Brooklyn Beer Festival






 3. Celebrate Brooklyn // Prospect Park

The great pianist GERI ALLEN and the world-renowned photographer and video artist CARRIE MAE WEEMS team up for this special world premiere commission. SLOW FADE TO BLACK combines Weems’ arresting projections with gorgeous music featuring jazz ingenue ESPERANZA SPALDING

Image courtesy of





4. Keith Haring Exhibit Until July 8 // Brooklyn Museum

Keith Haring: 1978–1982 is the first large-scale exhibition to explore the early career of one of the best-known American artists of the twentieth century. The exhibition includes 155 works on paper, numerous experimental videos, and over 150 archival objects, including rare sketchbooks, journals, subway drawings, and more.

Image courtesy of Brooklyn Museum, and the late, great Keith Haring.

5. Take the Free Rockabus to Rockaway Beach // Union + Meeker Ave. Pick Up

It's free on June 16 and 17, everybody! This awesome new service takes beachgoers to the Rockaways. You know, you always wish you had a car (even though you love the A train. Sike!). But none of us have got cars. So take the bus, and take it for free this weekend! Book online!


That's our first installment of Hey, Weekend! We'll be giving you our tips on where to hang out and learn stuff.


3rd Ward



Image courtesy of our friends at Rockabus







Your Daily Insight as told by Thomas Edison

I make more mistakes than anyone else I know, and sooner or later, I patent most of them.


New Designs: The Frantic, Pixelated Bliss of Berlin's Rainer Kohlberger

From "Field"

We'd like to fancy ourselves (and yourselves) avid watchers of fast-rising digital designers. Though on lucky occasion, we have that "hold the phone/where have we been?!" moment.

Which is exactly what happened when we were introduced to the frenetic new world of Berlin's Rainer Kohlberger. To some, Kohlberger may be already be a household name, having exhibited at Sound Frame: 2012 and created the image-tweaking iPhone apps, PXL and Field.

Though we'd like to go on the assumption that Kohlberger may be new to many of you. And so, consider this our formal introduction.

Part of the reason we find Kohlberger's work so striking is the vast spectrum of styles he seems to casually bounce between; from hard-lined, abrasive geometrics to vaguely psychedelic washes of color and back around to hand drawn, fuzzed-out typefaces. The man seems to be something of a walking digital design class. (Oh, speaking of which.)

See what we mean by taking a moment to watch a video documentation of Theseus, an installation Kohlberger did in 2010 for Berlin's Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute:

Theseus from rainer kohlberger on Vimeo.


And then blissfully scroll through some choice selects from Kohlberger's body of work:

From "Field"From "Humming, Fast and Slow""Humming, Fast and Slow" "Humming, Fast and Slow"Still from "Theseus"From "Pxl"From "Killshots""Killshots""Killshots""Killshots"

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